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ISE supplies all types of Marine Pumps, Sea Water, Fresh Water and Fuel Oil, such as: General Service, Fire, Bilge, Sanitary, Fuel Oil Transfer, Hydrophore, Boiler feed, chemical dosing Pumps. Pressure systems.


Please contact us to evaluate the most suitable pump for your application. ISE is able to quote, regarding new buildings pumps supply, pumps systems’ retrofitting, pumps optimizing or replacement.


To fulfill Marine needs, we supply pumps through our marine manufacturing program:


Our pump’s standard materials of construction:

Casings / Stages: Cast Iron GG25 / Bronze CuSn10 / Stainless Steel AISI316

Impellers: Cast Iron GG25 / Bronze CuSn10 / Stainless Steel AISI316

Shaft: ST70 /AISI304 / AISI316

Seal: Soft Packing / Mechanical Seal


  • The casted parts for all the above materials are usually ex stock.
  • The average time for delivery of one pump set is 2-3 days.
  • Other materials such as Duplex Stainless Steel or Aluminum Bronze are available upon request.
  • We suggest for Sea Water applications glass flake epoxy paint for casings and impellers, which can be applied over Cast Iron parts and considerably increase the pump’s life time.


ISE pump types:

Side Channel Pump SCP * Centrifugal Pump CP, CPV * Centrifugal In-Line Pump IL * Centrifugal Pump SP * Centrifugal Pump TSP * Multistage Pump MS-MSV


Please visit the “Pumps” section for additional information.




ISE is able to supply displacement pump types which are more efficient for common applications, such as Fuel Oil transfer, Bilge or Sewage water. ISE can offer for these cases:


Progressive Cavity pumps – Screw pumps – Self priming pumps – Gear pumps – Diaphragm Pumps.


The priming units of VATEC Machinenbau are applicable, where negative suction head is possible to happen or in any case where air evacuation of the piping is necessary.