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ISE supplies centrifugal, magnetic coupling, canned motor and positive displacement Pumps. ISE designs and manufactures centrifugal and side channel pumps for various application areas.


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TEIKOKU presents the most edge-cutting canned motor pumps in double containment, leak-free, robust & user-friendly design to the users in desperate need to live up to 21st Century industrial standards on the planet.


TEIKOKU Canned Motor Pump (TCMP) ● TCMP Multistage Pump ● TCMP Hot Oil Pump ● TCMP Boiler Water Circulation Pump ● TCMP High Temp./ Pressure Pump ● TCMP high-melting-point-liquid Pump ● TCMP Self-Priming Pump ● TCMP gas-seal type slurry Pump ● High-performance Metering Pump ● Insulation-oil pump for transformer ● Customized Reactor with TCM agitator & airator and more to come….


MARCH PUMPEN manufactures leak-free pump systems for chemicals, engineering, environmental, medical and other industrial applications. MARCH PUMPEN are suitable to handle toxic, explosive and environmental threatening liquids, also acc. to ATEX 100a.


With a comprehensive production and delivery program for magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps, chemical pumps acc. to DIN/ISO standards, gear pumps and sliding vane pumps, and decades of experience MARCH PUMPEN ensures a maximum quality and durability



More than seven decades of experience in developing and distributing pumps makes ZUWA a reliable and strong partner.


ZUWA designs and provide pumps for many application areas. Here you find impeller pumps ● oil pumps ● diesel pumps ● gasoline pumps ● AdBlue® pumps ● centrifugal pumps ● PTO pumps ● diaphragm pumps ● drum pumps. Choose between a self-priming pump, a dry self-priming pump and a not self-priming pump


A most competitive price ratio at a highest level of quality are ZUWA strengths