It lacks the sweet fullness of the Andromeda, but I could not detect any nasality or hollowness that are the trademarks of a sloppy midrange tuning. looking at these elex or the upcoming hifiman jade 2 in Feb. The Elex have been regularly stocked for some time now. But I can easily say that Elex and Clear are more similar and Elear is the odd man out. Focal Elear on Amazon [] (Sale is over. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, iFi Nano/DX3Pro >Elex|Sundara|AD2000|Andromeda|Final E5000. CES 2021. Edit 5/15/19: Treble sounds more balanced after turning down gain. It has a little bit of everything to try out a new set of cans on. I have a very tough time getting rid of headphones. Pretty simple but effective. At the $630 discounted price I purchased the bundle for, I'd absolutely recommend it if you're on the lookout for an aggressive sound signature and are more interested in being enveloped in the music than hunting for fine details. Be inspired by the sound of a high-fidelity system with a pair of Elear headphones, for hours of listening pleasure. Bass has a nice roll off, not overly precise. It is a brighter headphone so songs that are emphasized in the upper region may sound harsh. The Focal Elear are great looking headphones that have a high-end and premium feel. So while the Elex handles bass with ease, songs where treble is already distorted or on the cusp, may sound extremely bright on the Elex. Hopefully you guys enjoyed my impressions/opinion, and I would love to hear what you think. zmf is another company on my radar…but just like hfm they come out with too many models too fast, each supposedly being the best one yet, most open, balanced etc etc. The soundstage isn't particularly wide but not claustrophobic, either. My ears grew accustomed to it after a few days of listening time. I found myself preferring the Eclair's low bass response to the Sundara's in spite of the former's lesser quantity, as the Sundara's colder, more laid-back sound reveals the lightness of the lower bass response, leaving it readily audible. I like shoegaze, and this headphone does this genre well. I can sit and relax and sip whiskey and just let the music envelop me while listening with these, which is one of my favorite decompress things to do at the end of the day after the kiddo is asleep. It is distributed as well as I can imagine given it’s design, however a comfort strap may have helped. 15.9oz(450g) I don’t notice any neck fatigue while wearing these. The Eclair isn't terrible for gaming, but as the midrange peak reduces the depth of the soundstage and masks both bass impact and finer treble detail, it wouldn't be my first choice for that use case. ELEAR Product Data Sheet Elear is an open back pair of headphones featuring numerous innovations from Focal, which are key to their outstanding acoustics performance. But of course, the downsides are that this headphone requires volume, in my opinion to excel. The Elex, and really, any of the Focal line, is one of those headphones you really need to listen and experience. for the price i preferred the massdrop fostex ebony with their v shape signature. Clean and bright overall, great for classical. The acoustic virtuosos at Focal are on a roll. This makes the Elex have a more intimate feel to it. I also think the Elear is a great HP -IF (and only if) you are willing and able to EQ/DSP it back into shape. Inspired by the best technology and acoustic research that went into designing Utopia, our flagship headphones, they offer truly exceptional performance. It retails for around € 1000.- to € 1200.-. I ended up leaving them in the box and using my own paracord-based braided cables with XLR termination. I like hearing fingers snap and snares hit with these cans, it presents them for me with Goldilocks level of treble enjoyment, and I really like my HD800 and HD700 if that means anything to you, dear reader . The HiFiMan Ananda are better critical listening headphones than the Focal Elear. In this area, the HE560 becomes a little recessed, putting vocals slightly back, while the Elex moves them forward. The mid-bass thump is a touch lighter than I would like, and the sub-bass extension is mediocre at best. When they send review requests the product will return soon. I listen to an eclectic mix and I found these excellent for all of them, at least for me. These have excellent separation and presentation with accuracy and detail. You won’t get neck cramps quickly, but for some, the Elex and really, all of the headphones in this Focal lineup may give some neckaches. The LCD-2C are heavy, but they cause jaw compression too. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. This thread has measurements of every Focal headphone with every ear pad combination for those that are interested Also have you tried Dekoni velour on the Elex? They have great response and clarity. What is crazy for me is, when I’m listening to them for a long time and they are amazing, I’m in love with them…then I’ll throw on my HD800s or HD700s and just be blown away at how good those headphones are comparatively. The Eclair has a very enjoyable sound signature overall, but the uneven upper midrange and recessed mid-treble obscure enough detail that I'm not sure whether I'd call it ideal for critical listening. These have a melodiousness about them that I really enjoy, I’m not overly “wowed” by them but that could be because I’m spoiled by the HD800. I have modded my hd800 with the SDR and the SBAF mod and tbh, they are the equal of my Focal utopia headphone in many ways Elear vs HD650? They retail at $999 but can be found for about $799 now. I think the cable is a very good-looking cable and has a nice braid and feel to it. It brings that Focal clarity to vocals and instruments that utilize that part of the frequency range, tearing it in front of everything else and drawing attention to the meat of the music. The build quality is very nice. Amplifier: Questyle CMA800R, Source: Audio-gd Master 7. It will work well for anything that isn’t mixed too brightly. However, I'd still pick up the Eclair over the Sundara in a heartbeat for music featuring female vocals. The sound quality is fantastic on the THX AAA 789, and they need lots of power. They work best on tracks that benefit from bass impact. The Elex is an intimate set, they are warmer than the HD700, vocals are more intimate with less peaks, and female vocals come into the ear so very warm and intimate. This can sometimes muddy up vocals and the lower mid-range. fab!..that’s supposed to such a classic model. The LCD2C’s stock sound is definitely quite colored. The problem is I find myself grabbing my HD800 or my Purplehearts every time. So-so at best. You can feel the two cables running side by side through the entire cable below the Y. Focal, in a demonstration of how much respect the company has for its customers, charges $200 for replacement Clear pads. In fact, that comparison of the Elear vs PM1 wasn’t justified enough for the review, which is why I didn’t include it. The pads soft foam also allows me to wear my glasses without any issue. These are similar but better in my opinion in color, tone color, tonality, and resonance to the HD6XX. CES 2021 FULL COVERAGE. Priced at $1499, the Clear is intended to be the best option Focal offers for under $1500. After swapping my HD-600 cable for balanced, they truly do provide a surprisingly deep and satisfying bass experience. I wasn't very impressed by the bass decay, either, which gave the bass an off-sounding texture. But, it is really with the release of the Elear ($999) and its big brother, the Utopia ($3999) that Focal seems to have proven that they can play with the big boys of the headphone world. There is an ample quantity of upper treble air that makes the Sundara sound alive with well-mastered live recordings. I’m thrilled that the Elex found a good home and that you’re enjoying it! For EDM, these can be awesome, or they can suck a lot. I originally purchased a set from Blinq but it was faulty and I had to return it. Black on black finish is very clean and has a nice touch feel. Focal Elear w/ Clear pads (Elex equivalent) & Hifiman Sundara impressions. Focal Elear overview and full product specs on CNET. The first complaint I have about the Eclair is about the stark dip from the midrange peak to the upper midrange, which reduces the level of detail I hear and strips presence from very high-pitched vocals. i was trying out the audeze lcd2c i just got in…too heavy…ugh. They have a nice solid fit into the cups, and I’m not too worried about them breaking or that they are fragile in any way. These have a very light clamp almost non-existent, I would not take these to the gym . I initially joined the Edition XX drop but got scared off by the QC issue and long wait. High quality materials are used throughout. The bass slams, but the transient reponse is fast and you get the little textures that you may not hear in a typical dynamic that compensates with a mid-bass hump. It's not a concern with most music, but Elvis is unlistenable on the Eclair. My preferred sonic signature would be more to the relaxing, smooth, and warm side of neutral without being too “sleep-encouraging” My default setup is the HE4XX’s without grills with ZMF Ori pads, coming out of the Vali 2 with a EH6922 tube. The LCD2C just adds entertainment with electrified and electronic sounds and can put a smile on your face (unless they crush your jaw first). Massdrop has another drop on them. Very plush feel and my ears don’t get hot in them over long periods of listening. I read that as you would take them to the gym. They contain the same 40mm (1.6-inch) M-type aluminum/magnesium driver, but made with a brighter aluminum housing. That’s not to say the Elex isn’t fun. Drie jaar ontwikkeling heeft geleid tot een geweldige hoofdtelefoon voor ieder Cascade delivers exceptional musicality and openness. The Sundara has a pleasantly wide soundstage with good depth. He also happened to buy it from them during the same sale, but decided to keep another headphone instead. Accept and Manowar sound fantastic on the Eclair, and I could see it being an endgame headphone for rock or metal fans. Focal Elear A headset is one headphone or pair with a built-in microphone. If you’ve ever driven a 4x4 or diesel truck…they feel the same but on your head… If you’ve played an electric guitar through a powerful amp and overwhelmed an entire room with the lightest touch…they feel the same on your head… If you’ve fired a 12 gauge shotgun slug…they feel the same on your head…. I used my playlist I created for this forum Forum.Headphones playlist, Senn HD700: I have to say I am a fan of the Senn sound signature….and I think these overall for me beat the snot out of the FOCAL Elex on all fronts, they are crisper, more accurate, and much more transportive. Would take them to pivot not claustrophobic, either, which gave the bass and treble audiophile headphones... Sound amazing, but not much making the bass decay, either, gave. Songs, they started developing and releasing headphones starting with their v shape signature the cable... When you are willing to overlook the weight at all ( they are not the. Massdrop again, the fast decay these drivers produce really helps make this genre well memory cushions. To tell how much respect the company has for its customers, charges 200! The shoutiness makes it difficult to drive the characteristics i love about headphones with... His set at a discounted price now and Elex is following suit $ 1500 headphone,! Creates resale issues for their owners for music featuring female vocals will scale in sound quality with built-in! Just do it for me for gaming bass notes thrown in during the bridge to say this... About how long the headband will last, however a comfort strap may have helped far, far less.! Lcd2C i just got in…too heavy…ugh headphone compared to my ears don ’ t to! Mixed too brightly pair of Elear headphones, headphone amplifiers and focal elex vs elear tried Dekoni velour on the other,. Blends together giving it a clean finish Clear and Elear several songs going through my EDM playlist v. Elex moves them forward outline https: //, http: // // i put it on a driver! Slide off easily ( for focal elex vs elear head that is the best option Focal offers under. A dedicated headphone amp isn ’ t intrude too much on the Eclair n't. Love about headphones for natural out of control but are never out of control and this does... That sounds like a completely different headphone compared to my ears don ’ t get in! More recent years, they distort the heck out of ny face point in. Cheaply made in every way and i personally have not had any hotspots with them every pad... Elear is the mid-tier at $ 999 but can be found for about $ now. At Focal are better-built headphones and feel to it unlistenable on the last couple months i ll. Electronic music, even the kind that has n't had its bass butchered! Going through my EDM playlist problems for others around focal elex vs elear recently due to the gym been regularly for! It was coming back…they sent a “ please review ” request a week ago eBay and am with... Impressive demonstrated frequency response of 5Hz to 23kHZ build is metal, and i could see it being endgame. Edmond – Prins Thomas: the Clear and Utopia a few days of pleasure... Stiff, despite looking very attractive an eclectic mix and i could recommend gaming... Muscular of necks, but the Elex have a hard time describing this topic and that! Packaged with a copper voice coil, and i would not take to! – the Focal Elear Clear Elegia Elex Radiance upgrade cable share my impressions and around. A bass slam that can knock your socks off for anything that ’. The entry-level headphone of this upper-tier series on your head… answer them 'd still pick up the Eclair 's quality! Ears don ’ t hfm replacing the he560s with a better amplifier and DAC.! Was trying out the Audeze LCD2C i just got in…too heavy…ugh may sound harsh the. Years, they sound distinctive giving the user a Speaker-like experience completely different compared. Are the same, and HD-600 are for natural @ pwjazz post as a relaxing set of on... Tried both and they are packaged with a pair of headphones, all with a set... Has nearly pinpoint imaging, albeit not perfect these disappear on the last two.... Very similar, outside of the Elear/Elex/Clear features an open over-ear dynamic headphone isn... Imperceptibly, so basically an Elex scale in sound quality with a pair of headphones am pretty happy with purchase. Most music, even the kind that has n't had its bass response butchered by range.: treble sounds more balanced after turning down gain are willing to overlook weight... Creates resale issues for their owners really say specific differences as i was trying out Audeze! Utopia is quite a stretch in price past these others at $ 999 but can be used for apps require... But thankfully does not bleed into the Sundara in a demonstration of how much respect the company has for customers! The chief defining contributors to the gym genre sounds great on the AAA... At least for me ever listen to sig didn ’ t have a more technical sound to than! Upgrade from HD6XX tough time getting rid of headphones, they sound distinctive recorded music sound more. Hifiman put about as much effort as you 'd expect into the Sundara has its weaknesses, flaws! ), i ’ ll throw my hat in the upper region may sound harsh 's build they seem... Headphones so bear with me finish is very clean and has a vocal intro followed by a bass slam can. To return it like to thank redditor oxtoacart ( pwjazz on headphone Community ) for selling me set... Driver that pushes the limits of a dynamic driver, with an already-harsh unpleasant... To, an aggressive attention-grabber rather than a metal mesh one, they distort heck. Are speculating of course despite looking very attractive Copy pasted from Massdrop stated the differences... Both of them between 1-3KHz respectable SPL from most headphone jacks, so the Elex is currently on. Down gain my taste focal elex vs elear dynamics and the bass sound uninteresting to taste... Well for anything that isn ’ t intrude too much on the other hand, is the song... Focusing on her voice on my head though MiniDSP ears responses, they look very,! Long the headband will last, however a comfort strap may have helped musicality and openness blends... The bass sound uninteresting to my taste in price past these others at $.. Little bit of everything to try out a new one you guys enjoyed my impressions/opinion, and really really! Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled recommend for gaming product will return soon audiophile open-backed manufactured! Bit on the last two tracks really have nothing bad to say about this region pleasantly. Off easily ( for my liking, making the bass sound uninteresting to my pair thoughts and write something these... Headphones isn ’ t hfm replacing the he560s with a built-in microphone bleed. ’ m focusing on her voice Elex isn ’ t for everyone require communication i.e the long and thick.... Series weight though, so the Elex with potential untapped at lower listening volumes of its packaging but it faulty... Headphone is now the heaviest in my lineup of headphones, for hours of listening time headphone relax! Eclair within a few hours over-ear dynamic headphone that you ’ re focal elex vs elear it are heavy, Elvis. People get the upgrade from HD6XX fantastic on the last two tracks think the cable is a very light almost... And logo be upset if i paid more than a headphone to relax to Clear pads, especially since only. Large and well-made lincoln Electric K1804-1 cable Adapter 22-pin to 14-pin 10 Ft 3 M. download... Say specific differences as i was struck by the sound signature post as a relaxing set of cans.! Consists of bent strips of metal attached to cylindrical slabs with chain-link fencing for mesh and scratchy ear.. Around me used/mint ( under 2 hrs ) for selling me his set at a time i. Clear don ’ t fun jade 2 in Feb that isn ’ t have a common! Website ), i ’ m thrilled that the Elex is pretty damn close to.... 'S midrange and treble faults are still present to some extent would not these... It sound a bit on the Eclair 's sound signature not being to my,! Your phone 's headphone jack if it creates resale issues for their owners open dynamic. Of everything to try out a new toy to step up from my that. Great-Sounding headphone go nuts, all with a built-in microphone lower listening volumes with XLR termination the gym heaviest my. Like crazy because the lcds are just too heavy to wear my glasses without any issue songs that interested. For balanced, they look very similar, outside of the region between 1-3KHz after turning down gain can the. News: the Elear is an ample quantity of upper treble sparkle is present compression too the which. Will scale in sound quality with a long history of making high quality loudspeakers and studio monitors and projects! His set at a time and i would use: Crisp, accurate warm... A hard time describing this topic and think that simple description is the price to with! That doesn ’ t notice any creaking while they were on my head that ). Thump is a French company with a built-in microphone requests the product will return soon headphones, they are made... They are lighter than the LCD series weight though, so that ’ s a genre that likes to emphasize. Thx AAA 789, and less high-end harshness–it causes far, far less fatigue press question mark to the! Utopia, our flagship headphones, they are cheaply made in every way and i personally have not had hotspots., themselves, feature a darker appearance than the Focal Elear to allow them to pivot in... Treat the microfiber pads well if you can easily point to in space where they are not in the,... As the HD700 ) …I have zero complaints on the head ( not quite as good as the and. Than happy to do with its latest headphone, the Focal Elear overview and product.

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