Corsair Hydro X Series XH305i Hardline Water Cooling Kit with/incl XC7 CPU Water Block, XR5 360mm Radiator, XD5 Pump Res and iCUE QL120 RGB Fans. You also don't want to work it too quickly, else you'll run the risk of microfractures appearing in tight bends. For instance 16/12mm tubing (16mm outer diameter, 12mm inner diameter) needs to be used with fittings designed for 16mm OD tubes. I have to be honest here, despite being one of the easier, soft tubings really requires a person’s interest. You need to arouse the tubing first, show it some naughty pictures to make it hard. Let’s look at how they are compared to each other. We have all the brands you good ever need from Alphacool, Bitspower and Primochill to Monsoon and EKWB. This is something that was safe to do with flexible tubing, but you cannot do this with hardline. By Bill Wilson September 10, 2019. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. One point that does crop up from time to time is the event of a failure inside your loop. Hello, Sign in. A total of 31 cheap Hard Tubing in the Water-Cooling Systems product range (as of 07.11.2020). Low Stock 1 left. This isn't set in stone, however, so just be sure to check the specifications for any products you intend to use. As part of its “hardcore” spirit towards the ultimate in custom PC water cooling, Thermaltake has launched the new Pacific RL240 D5 Hard Tube Water Cooling Kit. Often it's just easiest to go with the same company for the tubing, as they'll produce the sizes for their fittings. Let’s have a look. Low Stock 1 left. The end result is a beautiful looking hard tubing liquid cooling loop that is also ready for a future upgrade. Thermaltake Pacific C360 DDC Hard Tube Water Cooling Kit is designed for users who likes an efficient and high-quality combo kit that is ready to sync with 5V RGB capable motherboards from Asus, Gigabyte, MSI and AsRock. We have 1/4" ID tubing, 3/8" ID tubing, 1/2" ID tubing and more. This is purely preference; some love one and hate the other, others like a mix, and so on. Premium Hard Tube 14mm Water Cooling Kit ปั๊ม Barrow DDC สีเทาไทเทเนียม 2900 บาท เเทงค์ Enginia sx 250 มิล 725 บาท

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